AyeGear H13 MultiPocket Zip Up Hoodie with 13 Pockets (iPad Pocket) Fleece Jacket

AyeGear H13 MultiPocket Hoodie

The new AyeGear H13 is a fleece-lined Hoodie with 13 unique compartments designed for the ultimate in Connectivity, Accessibility, Mobility and Security.

Our unique design allows wearers to discreetly carry their personal valuables, such as their smartphone, tablet device, sunglasses, passport, credit cards, cash, keys and much more, securely and within easy reach. Want to stay warm, safe and connected whilst on the move? – Then try out the latest AyeGear H13 for the ultimate travel experience.


  • 13 Discreet Pockets
  • Inner iPad Pocket
  • Touch Sensitive pocket for Smartphones / iPod / MP3 Player
  • Dedicated credit and debit card section
  • Built in Elastic Rubber Band in outer pocket to secure bottles or any delicate item
  • Premium fabric and quality workmanship – high quality stitching and top quality zips
  • Machine Washable
  • Worn on the film set of the upcoming movie ‘Xmen Days of Future Past (2014)

View the AyeGear H13 Product Video on YouTube by typing in ‘AyeGear H13’ in the search box

Product Features

  • 13 Discreet Pockets, Unique Design
  • Dedicated Touch Sensitive Pocket for Smartphones / iPod
  • iPad Pocket Included
  • CAMS Enabled – CAMS Enabled – Connectivity
  • Zero Bulge, Premium Cotton, Machine Washable

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    Size as advertised the problem. 0

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    It has some strong pros but also some strong cons 0

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