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Polar Loop Activity Tracker

Polar Loop is the smarter 24/7 activity tracker. It provides guidance and motivational feedback to help you increase your daily activity. All you have to do is wear the smart bracelet on your wrist and all of your activity- including cycling and swimming- is captured. At the tap of a button, Polar Loop shows the time, your total steps, calories burned, daily activity goal and tips to reach it – all on a display of 85 LEDs. Living an active lifestyle has never been this fun and easy!

The smarter activity tracker

Take the stairs. Ride the waves. Walk to the store. Polar Loop tracks all the healthy choices you make during the day and shows how they benefit your overall health. Its unique technology accurately tracks five different levels of activity and can tell the difference between light intensity walking vs. running. This means you get a more complete picture of your daily movement. When working out, you can even add a Polar H6 or H7 Bluetooth® Smart heart rate sensor for accurate heart rate so you can get credit for indoor cycling classes, pushing a jogging stroller and more!

Here’s how it works

The Polar Loop system includes the Polar Loop activity tracker, the free Polar Flow app and Polar Flow web service. After your initial set up on Polar Flow, a daily activity target is customized for you based on your personal info and global physical activity recommendations. As you move throughout the day, Polar Loop will display an instant view of your activity data including: cumulative steps, calories burned and your daily activity goal bar. To help you reach your activity target Polar Loop displays practical guidance like ‘walk for 50 minutes’ or ‘jog for 20 minutes’. For even more motivation, set inactivity alerts via your smartphone and the Polar Flow app.

Follow your achievements: on your wrist. on the web. on your smartphone.

Polar Loop connects to the new Polar Flow web service that automatically syncs via Bluetooth Smart. These free services provide additional analysis and guidance, including illustrative graphs that show cumulative daily activity and periods of inactivity. Check the Polar Flow web service often to see how all your small choices and daily habits can make a world of difference.


Key Features

Key Features
Sync your Loop via Bluetooth Smart to the free Polar Flow app

Sync your Loop via Bluetooth Smart
to the free Polar Flow app
for extra motivation!
Polar Flow app available for
select Android and iPhone devices.

• 24/7 activity tracking

• Displays daily activity, calories burned, steps taken, time of day

• Activity Guide helps you stay active all day long

• Activity Benefit gives feedback about your daily, weekly and monthly activity

• Advanced activity analysis with the free Polar Flow app and Polar Flow web service

• Compatible with Polar H6 and H7 Bluetooth Smart® heart rate sensors (Sold separately. Not included.)

• Inactivity alert with Polar Flow mobile app

• Measures the distance (miles) you’ve covered throughout the day and shows info on the Polar Flow app and web service

• Suitable for swimming (i.e. tracks your active time in water)

• Monitors sleep duration and quality

• Custom fit bracelet

• Data transfer via custom USB cable or Bluetooth Smart via Polar Flow mobile app

• Memory capacity: stores 12 days of activity data

• Rechargeable battery with 5 days continuous use

• Polar Flow mobile app compatibility:

Apple devices: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5C/5S, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad (3rd & 4th generation), iPad mini

Android devices with Android 4.3 or later: Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, LG Nexus 5

In The Box

  1. Polar Loop activity tracker
  2. Custom USB cable
  3. Tool
  4. Get Started Guide

Recommended Accessories

H7 heart rate sensor
H7 Bluetooth Smart® heart rate sensor

Provides real time, accurate heart rate to mobile training apps such as Polar Beat and Polar Flow. Also connects with many Polar heart rate monitors as well as compatible gym equipment.

H6 heart rate sensor
H6 Bluetooth Smart® heart rate sensor

Provides real time, accurate heart rate to mobile training apps including Polar Beat and Polar Flow.

Smart Training Starts Here

Smart Training Starts Here

Polar invented the world’s first heart rate monitor and pioneered the Smart Coaching training approach that delivers faster progress and better results. Polar Loop is backed by Polar’s 35 years of experience and includes unique Smart Coaching features that will guide you toward a more active lifestyle.


Activity Guide
Activity Guide

Helps you to stay active all day long.


Activity Benefit
Activity Benefit

Gives feedback about your daily, weekly and monthly activity. It will reward you when you’ve done enough and encourage you to move if there’s still a bit missing from your daily activity goal.


Energy Pointer

Gives you clear guidance on how to get into shape faster.

*Requires H6 or H7 Bluetooth® Smart heart rate sensor. Sold separately. Not included.


Smart Calories
Smart Calories

Lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned.



Polar Customer Care

Buying a Polar product is only the start of your experience with us. We’ll be there to help you get the most out of your new product. The Polar Loop includes a 2 year limited warranty.

Polar is committed to customer satisfaction. Review the User Manual for more information. You can find additional support information at www.polar.com/us-en/support/Loop, by email at customer.service.usa@polar.com, and by phone at 1-800-227-1314.

Product Features

  • Worn on your wrist, tracks your activity 24/7 and provides guidance and motivation to reach your activity goals
  • Shows daily activity, calories burned, steps taken, time of day and activity feedback on 85 LED display; Plus monitors sleep patterns
  • Automatically syncs to free Polar Flow app and training community via Bluetooth Smart. For best results use updated Flow app version 1.0.1. Refer the user manual for product help and support.
  • Custom fit bracelet is waterproof for swimming and has rechargeable battery; Battery life 5 days in continuous use
  • Provides accurate heart rate with Polar H6 or H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor accessory (not included, sold separately)