OriGlam® Portable 160ML Ultrasonic Atomizing Chip Silent Atomizer / Diffuser, Small Mist for Computer Desk or Office Table (Green)

Product Size (Bottom Dia. x Top Dia. x H): 10.5 x 9.3 x 11 cm
Package Size: 12 x 11.5 x 10.5 cm
Capacity of Water Tank: 160ml
Spray Amount: 50ml/H
Power: 2W
Input Voltage: DC5V
Material: ABS

Operation Guide:
– The voltage this product needs is DC5V, please make sure that the input voltage is DC5V.
– Open the lid, and add some water to an appropriate location. Remember don’t add too much in case of water leakage.
– Put the lid back. Please make sure the magnet between the cover and water tank suck. Turn on the switch to start work.
– When you first use this product, if the bibulous cotton stick has absorbed full water but there’s still no mist. Try to drip a drop of water on the atomization chip and then absorb it with a tissue. If such situation happens in process of use, you can use the same solution.
– After 2 hours’ work, the humidifier will stop work automatically. If you need continue spraying, restart the switch.

1. If don’t use this product for a long time, please disconnect the power supply, keep the bibulous cotton stick dry and water tank clean.
2. Recommend the use of pure water. If you want to add some perfume, add water soluble perfume and no more than two drops. Don’t recommend essential oil or oily stuff which is no good for bibulous cotton stick.
3. Please remember don’t immerse the machine into water and don’t touch the atomization chip.
4. If there is abnormal sound or water mist significantly becomes smaller, please shut down the humidifier and add some water.

Package Include:
1 x Humidifier (Not Include Flower)
1 x 1.3M USB Cable
1 x Bibulous Cotton Stick
1 x User Manual
After Sales Service: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, 12 Months Warranty!

Product Features

  • High frequency vibration of plate at the bottom breaks the liquid water into water molecules by ultrasonic vibration atomization technology. Water mist increases air humidity and keeps skin moisture.
  • Water mist can eliminate static electricity so as to reduce dust and smoke pollution, solve eyes’ dryness because of watching computer long time, improve the quality of the surrounding air, make the breathe more healthy.
  • You can add two drops of perfume or vinegar into water which can help to create a fragrant atmosphere or play the role of sterilization (Don’t add essential oil which can cause humidifier damaged easily).
  • High frequency ultrasonic vibration and HD atomization chip Mini USB humidifier, low consumption, easy operation and ultra small noise.
  • This product also can be used as a vase, put flowers or pens you like into the vase.

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