FRiEQ Gold Plated 3.5mm Male to Female Auxiliary Stereo Audio Cable
The FRiEQ 3.5mm male to female stereo cable helps elongate the connection and allows you to use your smartphone without being restricted to the vicinity of the speakers.

Gold Plated Connections
The 3.5mm jack is completely gold plated to ensure maximum conductivity, sensitivity and durability. Usually cable extenders feature nickel, silver and such plating, which aren¡¯t bad but they do lack the toughness needed for rough use and also the sensitivity necessary to play intricate tracks.

Beveled Step Design
To account for phone covers that tend to extend a bit over the actual phone surface, this stereo extension cable comes with a beveled step design so as to sit comfortably on the cover. The 3.5mm head extends out with a twice thicker base that sits snugly inside the cover or jacket of the smartphone helping prevent dust accumulation and ensuring a tight fit.

Nylon Fiber Sheathing
Nylon is one of the toughest synthetics ever created by man. And with woven, nylon sheathing these cables are more than just rugged. They offer a greater degree of freedom in movement, can handle more load and will not deform under any heavy weight.

Zero Distortion, Complete Transmission
The gold plated connector, nylon fabric encasing all add up to one thing ¨C complete distortion free transmission over long distances. Sound produced through these cables will no longer have the ominous hiss or buzz in the background attributed to interference in the cables. They will be clean, precise and beautiful.

Product Features

  • Bevelled step down design allowing plug to be fully seated with phone case on.
  • Connect iPod, iPhone, smartphone. Any mp3 player, cell phones or tablets to your car, portable wireless bluetooth speakers or home stereo.
  • Corrosion-resistant Gold plated 3.5mm Audio Plugs with bevelled step design fits phone bulky protective cases.
  • High quality Nylon Fiber cloth jacket surrounds the cord for increased durability. Adopts aluminum foil tinned copper braided double shielding to interference protection.
  • iPhone cable, iPod Touch cable, mp3 cable, auxiliary cable, aux cable, 3.5mm audio cable, 3.5mm male to male stereo cable, coiled audio cable.

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