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Turn it on, so it can turn itself off.

Ok, so it’s a black box, sort of shiny, with a switch on top. But what does the switch do? Does it launch a nuclear attack? Does it terminate someone you don’t know somewhere in the world? Does it make bacon magically appear? You stare at it over and over, hour after hour, until you can’t take it anymore. You turn it on. And out of the box, a little finger pops out and turns the unit back off. That’s all it does, and the smile on your face is proof it works. Presenting, the Useless Box Kit.

You’ll have your own gleaming acrylic box. Set it on your desk and wait for curiosity to cause victim after victim to turn it on – each to be met with the little finger turning the box back off. The Useless Box Kit – the silliest science kit we’ve ever fallen in love with.

Useless Box Kit

Amaze everyone with how technology can do incredibly simple things.

Turn the Useless Box on, and it will turn itself off. That’s all it does.

Oh, and it also makes cool people smile (and scares away the squares).

Box made of space-age acrylic panels.

Tools and batteries not included.

Batteries: 2 AA (not included)

Please Note: The acrylic pieces come with protective paper on both sides (as shown in the parts shot). You need to peel this off to reveal the glossy black surface.

Product Features

  • Made of space-age acrylic panels
  • Already Assembled
  • Tools and batteries not included.
  • Batteries: 2 AA (not included)
  • Instruction not included

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