usus.i crystal +++ ballpoint pen with MAGNETIC MECHANICS SYSTEM +++ made of high quality polycarbonate +++ BERLIN DESIGN +++ black ink

The ballpoint pen series usus.i convincingly presents the simple and PATENTED CONSTRUCTION of usus writing instruments: two symmetric halves house micro-magnets, which make up the pen’s mechanics system. The HIGH TECH MAGNETS holding the pen together and giving the pen its unique functionality leave the cartridge apparently floating in the pen body.
Used for AIRCRAFTS and in the AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY the high performance material Polycarbonate is considered to be “bullet-proof and impact-resistant”. It belongs to the most expensive and DURABLE plastics used for consumer products and thus the user can be sure that their modern usus.i ballpoint pen will accompany them for a long time.

As with all the BERLIN BRAND MANUFACTURER’s other pens, the usus.i is based on a patented magnet technology and doesn’t need springs or other small components. Streamlined down to the essentials, the usus.i is a ball pen with an extraordinary visual appeal.
Its sophisticated and comfortable well-balanced feel in the hand simply creates this incomparable SCHREIBVERGNÜGEN (pleasure of writing). But beware! Others might fall in love with this pen also and it disappears from your desk, without a trace!

Product features:

  • durable product made of high quality plastic
  • Fascinating functionality working with neodymium magnets
  • premium LARGE CAPACITY REFILL (metal tube, standard Parker style)
  • twist-shell – try out the twist mechanism in the packaging!
  • To write, twist the two halves of the housing
  • To change the cartridge pull the pen apart and pull out the refill

    Under the BERLIN BRAND NAME USUS innovative writing instruments are developed and manufactured SINCE 2003. USUS products are unique and stand out due to FUNCTIONAL TECHNICAL DESIGN and SUBTLE AESTHETICS.

    Product Features

    • The “Original” +++ USUS ball pen with MAGNETIC ACTUATING SYSTEM +++ German brand quality MADE IN BERLIN
    • Sensational FUNCTION and puristic STYLE from Berlin design scene +++ comfortable handling
    • Worldwide unique and PATENTED MAGNETICAL SYSTEM +++ DURABLE DESIGN of high performance plastic
    • Twist action works with HIGH TECH MICRO MAGNETS of Neodymium +++ Durability of usus magnets: 10.000 YEARS
    • Included: Writing instrument with LARGE CAPACITY REFILL black (ballpoint Parker style) +++ comes in ingenious see-through case

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