Finally, an iPhone 5s, 5C, 5 Cell Phone Data Cable that works amazingly

This Brand new iPhone 5s,5C, 5 data cable is so efficient. Compatible with IOS 7. It’s made from high quality durable materials and would perform well for years to come. It’s portable and easy to handle and use. Comes readily Has a Lifetime Guarantee.

The length on this data cable is 1m, which is a suitable length. You can use the data cable without worrying about it being entangled to other equipment for being too long.

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This iphone 5s charger works great. It’s so good that you might even want to purchase 2 of them.
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Product Features

  • iphone 5s charger, Brand New Improved Design
  • Durable and High Quality Materials Used in Making this data cable
  • Easily Import and Download your music.
  • Compatible with iOS 7, 7.06
  • Fast and rapid downloads and charging.

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