YAGadget Yellow iPod Touch 4th Generation Digitizer + LCD Full Assembly + Home Button + 7 Piece Tool Kit + 3M Adhesive

This listing is for a 4th generation iPod digitizer+LCD assembly in Yellow. The digitizer and LCD are assembled and come as one piece. This item differs from the black and white because it does not come stock on the iPod 4th generation and you will have a one of a kind iPod color! The Home button is included as well, in matching color. If you are having issues with either the digitizer or LCD, this is the part you will need. The two pieces cannot be bought separately, simply because it is impossible to separate the digitizer from the LCD without damaging one of the parts. Each part is brand new and tested before shipment. 7 Piece complete tool kit and 3M adhesive will be included with this listing.

Product Features

  • iPod 4th Generation Yellow Color-Swap Kit
  • Comes with Digitizer and LCD already assembled
  • What is included: Matching color home button with rubber gasket that goes around the button & 7 Piece complete tool kit & 3M double-sided adhesive
  • Will work for the iPod 4th Generation ONLY

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