AboveTEK® USB Voltage Current Multimeter – USB Power Meter USB Tester Monitor – USB Meter 2.0/3.0 Amp Volt LED reader – Ultra Portable Durable V/A Measure – Best Voltmeter for Smartphone Tablet Gadget USB Charger Solar Panel Battery Charging Status

Want to know how fast your smartphone and tablet are charging through the 5-pin Micro USB or Apple Lightning 8-pin interface? This lovely USB Power Meter is all you need! Flexible, Easy to use and robust Voltage and Current tester that reads the USB status to you in real-time style!

Wait to know why your USB Charging is slow and take forever time? This cute device is what exactly you need – To show you the USB charging current and voltage instantly. Through it you can quickly find out which USB cable and USB wall charger/Car charger/Solar Panel Charger gives you the fastest charging performance!

Don’t wait, want to dramatically speed up your charging experience? Go getting this must-to-have USB gadget RIGHT NOW! All AboveTEK® products are backed up with LIFETIME guarantee!

Product Features

  • Premium Quality Low Cost Solution to Check USB Charging Current and Voltage in Instantly
  • Extremely Portable, Light Weight, Small Size and Durable, No Extra Cable or Power Supply Needed
  • Must Have Gadget for DIY Fans and Hi-Tech Lovers to Charging USB interface Electronic Devices Faster
  • Widely 3V-8V Voltage and 0A-3A Current Test Range Support with Accurate Readings
  • All-In-One Piece without Blocking Other USB Ports When Monitoring USB Charging Current or Voltage

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