GadgetZone (US Seller) CMP12 Digital Solar Charge Controller 15A 12V(180W) 24V(360W) Regulator for Solar System


* Rated voltage: 12V
* Voltage of stop power supply: 10.8V
* Rated charging current: 15A
* Voltage of resume power supply: 11.8V
* Rated load current: 15A
* Voltage of stop charging: 14V
* Working temperature: -20 to +60 C
* Temperature coefficient of voltage stop charge: -3mV/C/cell
* Dimension (L*W*H): 101*95*35 mm

Package Included:

1*Solar regulator
1*User Manual

Product Features

  • The product is used to control solar panel and battery in solar system automatically
  • over-load protection, over-charging protection
  • short circuit protection
  • protection from the lightning strike
  • under-voltage protection

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