THANK YOU very much for your kind support!

All inventory for the year is in, once sold out, the next batch won’t come in until January 2014.

Get yours while still available. We are a small family business, thus our capacity is limited. We are working as fast as we can to get you more. Thanks for your patience.

The next batch of inventory for this organizer will have an anti-skid bottom (Velcro), which was requested by many of our loyal customers. Many thanks for your feedback. Please email if further request and ideas suggestions.

We are also going to introduce 2 new items to keep your car organized and clean. Same high quality as this one. Stay tuned, will be coming mid February 2014.

Many thanks again and HAPPY HOLIDAYS Everyone! Stay warm and safe.

Product Features

  • Happy New Year Everyone! We are accepting PRE-ORDERS for this organizer. We are going to start shipping this item starting January 20 directly from our warehouse. It’s going to take about 2 weeks before Amazon will fulfill this item for us from their warehouse. This new version has an ANTI-SKID bottom (Velcro strips) per request from our loyal customers. THANK YOU so much for your patience!
  • 6 mesh side pockets. Exterior mesh pockets are ideal for stowing smaller or frequently used items.
  • 3 pockets with Velcro closure to keep some of your stuff hidden and secure: 2 Smaller pockets on one end, 1 large pocket on the other end. Organize emergency equipment, auto supplies, sports gear, groceries. Great to store magazines, books, toys, crafts supplies, towels and laundry, and anything else in your home.
  • Sewn in handles, made with 1680D material, which is the best quality in Nylon textile. Did you know that Nylon is twice the price of Polyester? Because of its padded side and bottom and durable material, it can hold heavier items. Padded bottom and sides to protect your stuff and holds its shape. We are member of the prestigious Amazon Brand Registry Program, thus you can be assured that you truly purchase the original CoolKarStuff products, not imitators. When folded, it’s 10 inches high by 11 inches wide by 4 inches deep. When both compartments are used, it expands up to 21 inches of storage space. Due to its smart design, this organizer can be used with only one compartment and the other unused side can be buckled up.
  • Foldable, easy to carry and to store. Water repellent, easy to clean, just wipe off. Frequently asked question: Just got my purchase. Why does my new organizer has this synthetic smell? Nylon is a synthetic- man made fiber. Our organizer is folded when shipped, not much air comes thru. On top of that, the shipping from China takes about 2-3 weeks by ship and plus another 2-3 weeks until it gets on the shelves in the Amazon warehouse. In addition, because of regulations, all merchandise fulfilled by Amazon need to have a plastic bag to keep stuff clean, any fabric scent is trapped and aggravated in that plastic bag. Having said that, we suggest to open the organizer fully (both compartment extended) and let it air in the backyard/balcony/garage, just somewhere there is some fresh air. In a day or so the scent should be gone. You can do that with other things that are made from heavy duty Nylon to avoid the synthetic smell.

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