Do you know that nearly 25% of ALL car accidents are causing because of holding a cell phone in hand for typing or talking during driving?

Do you know that holding a cell phone in hand for dialing or text messaging makes a crash up to 23 times more?

Do you know that using phones while driving causes 1,600,000 car accidents and 330,000 injuries every year?

We know you don’t want to see this happening to yourself, to your family and to your friends. GadgetSys’ cellular phone Car Mount Holder is here giving you maximum driving safety.

GadgetSys know what exactly a safe driver wants for an ideal cell phone car mount – Most mobile phone holder products over the market have obviously weakness and flaws – for example, smartphone in the holder is too far away from driver’s hand, drivers can’t easily see the screen clearly or even can’t comfortably operate the phone without moving body; Others may experience big headache like frequently the holder and mounted electrnic device falls down to floor suddenly and always scaring the driver. That’s really not good for a very safe driving experience in now days.

That is why GadgetSys brings its royal customers the brand new design of Air Vent based Cell Phone car mount holder – It put the Mobile device as close as we can to the driver’s eyesights and hands. Drivers can put the mount at left or right side of the steel, with very comfort distance and easy to access style – Especially for large size cars where the Windshield and Dashboard is far away from Driver’s position. GadgetSys’ new Air Vent Car Holder is simply one of the best Car Mounting Device to fit every Driver’s safety and in car communication needs.

Don’t wait, GET IT NOW, We have unlimited LIFETIME Satisfication Guarantee for All GadgetSys products.

Product Features

  • ✓ Very Flexible Air Vent Mount for Latest iPhone and Galaxy Phone
  • ✓ Easy to Adjust for Any Position and Facing direction in Handy Distance
  • ✓ Easy to Connect Car Charger and Headset when putting Cell Phone on Mount
  • ✓ Put Smartphone On or Take Phone off from Device simply by One Hand Press
  • ✓ Don’t get Risks of Receiving 6 Points Penalty Points when Holding Mobile Phone in Hands during Driving – Get Air Vent No Vision Block Best Selling Car Holder Now

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