Smartphone is everywhere with everybody now. Those hungry iOS, Android or WP8 Apps and 3G/4G/LTE/WiFi connectivity are eating the battery juice like crazy. You MUST experience numerously time of scenarios that when you need make an very important phone calls or send an urgent message to someone, your phone battery is died!

What does this mean? The importance of your phone in now days is just like how you can’t live without a car! And the battery power is just like the gas of your sedan, did you ever leave your car running out of gas at any single time? NO, right? So why you allow your smartphone to run out of battery and cause huge inconvenience for your life? En?

Charging your smartphone when battery level is low! Just like you will always remember to refill your gas when only 10% left. With GadgetSys super compact ultra light weight high capacity battery pack, you can easily recharge your latest smartphones and USB interface gadgets to continue up to 9 hours working time! It gives you extra one more full day usage. Amazing and impressive!

The well priced cool design metal case Power Bank is all you need to avoid any battery gone issue, carry it with you everyday to fulfill your battery juice request at any time! GadgetSys products all come with LIFETIME warrantee, you have peace of mind to go with GadgetSys premium power bank, so don’t wait, go BUY the amazing little baby now!

Product Features

  • Super Compact, Fancy, Stylish and Portable Design that can easily fit into pockets or hand bags
  • Add full 2600mAh Battery juice to iPhone 5/5S Galaxy S3/S4 Note 2/3 Lumens HTC One Xperia M for 9 hours extra smartphone talk time
  • Use best in the world Samsung Grade A Li-iron cell and patent protect chipset for rapid safe but thorough charging

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