Have you been looking for the perfect kitchen scale?

One that’s accurate, lightweight, reliable and easy to use? Look no further – the Procizion® food scale with its elegant black tempered-glass surface is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Whether you are preparing a special meal or measuring your food for your weight loss program, this kitchen scale delivers. Don’t worry about the container weight! No longer do you need to subtract the container weight to calculate your food and ingredients. This scale’s Tare feature instantly calculates the net weight of the ingredients (and automatically subtracts the container weight to calculate the weight of the ingredients being weighed).

Accuracy- The Procizion food scale is extremely accurate. You are measuring your ingredients for a reason; your gram scale must be accurate! This kitchen scale is equipped w/ 4 new, high-precision GFX sensors. The Procizion scale provides accurate measurements from 0.1 oz. to 11 lbs. (1 gm – 5250 gm). Your kitchen is a place where the family gathers, a place where magic happens. Sleek, sophisticated and beautiful, your Procizion scale is sure to bring compliments from your guests.

Combining new advanced, touch-sensitive buttons, a tempered glass surface and new GFX sensors, the Procizion scale is one of the industry’s most advanced digital kitchen scales. The Procizion scale combines all this technology into a contemporary thin design and stands out as a showpiece for the modern kitchen. Designed for the culinary perfectionist who desires superior accuracy and beautiful design, this scale is one of the lightest kitchen scales on the market and offers easy portability.

Chefs and Calorie Counters: your lives just got a whole lot easier! Thanks to the Procizion Scale, you can now follow your recipes to the “T” and know exactly what size your portion is.

Product Features

  • Features touch-sensitive buttons for easy operation, and a large LCD screen that displays weights in pounds, kilograms, grams, and ounces (lb/oz, kg/g). This is the perfect Digital Kitchen Scale for families, chefs and dieters. Slim profile – fits nicely in small spaces – the perfect size for a kitchen scale but also tough as nails as it boasts a tempered-glass surface that is 4 times stronger than normal glass, and an awesome thin design.
  • Equipped with 4 new, high-precision GFX sensors, the Procizion Touch Digital Food Kitchen Scale provides accurate measurements from 0.1 oz to 11 lbs (1 gram to 5250 grams). 1 minute Auto-Off function conserves battery life. This super accurate food scale also doubles up as a postal scale that weighs letters, envelopes and packages up to 11 lb too!
  • Features one touch Unit and Tare (automatically subtracts the container weight to calculate the weight of the ingredients being weighed) buttons allowing quick change of unit measurement and zeroing-out container.
  • Includes ★2 AAA Batteries★ for longer battery life. (Note: compare to other models that use CR-2032 lithium batteries, which tend to have a much shorter life and are very expensive to replace.
  • Includes three great BONUS items: ★BONUS #1: Includes one Kitchen Classic Plastic Color Decorative Measuring Spoon Set, which contains both teaspoons and tablespoons (Set of 5) ★★BONUS #2: Includes one ultra-soft, non-abrasive microfiber cloth for cleaning any surface with lint-free and streak-free results. ★★★BONUS #3: Includes an EXTRA set of 2 AAA Batteries. Forget “batteries not included” While this special offer lasts, you will receive 4 (four) AAA batteries so you won’t have to worry about dead batteries for a VERY long time. ★100% GUARANTEED! – That’s right; Procizion stands behind all of its products 100%. If you are not 100% satisfied with your Procizion PRO8006 Food Kitchen Scale, simply return it for a courteous, 100% money-back guarantee. With Procizion, there is never any risk at all.

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