Gadget Boy’s Adventures In History: Complete Series

Education meets comedy and adventure in this series about GADGET BOY, history s youngest Bionic Boy Detective, a pint-sized Inspector Gadget in the making. Our heroes travel to distant locales and different time periods, visiting the great events of history, learning about inventions, discoveries and artistic triumphs of different eras, all within the context of a comedy/action-driven storyline.

All 26 Episodes of this innovative animated series are available for the first time on DVD! In the goofy and zany tradition of Inspector Gadget, this inventive series is sure to please young viewers with a winning combination of entertainment and education. As Gadget Boy invariably explains, Knowledge is power!

  • First time available on DVD!
  • Successful spinoff of the Inspector Gadget series.
  • Voiced by Don Adams (Get Smart, Inspector Gadget).
  • Originally aired on The History Channel.
  • Has also aired Saturday mornings on NBC as well as on Toon Disney and This TV!
  • DIC Entertainment joined forces with the National Education Association to develop this imaginative series.
  • Bonus Episodes from Johnny Test, Nanoboy, The World of Quest, Super Duper Sumos, and The Wacky World of Text Avery.

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