Secuvox Motion Detection HD Covert Camera with Talking Alarm Clock and Six Natural Sound Soothing Music

This elegant design of SecuVox talking alarm clock has a secret; it is equipped with HD motion detection covert lens that is capable of taking video and still photos from 18 feet away. You can use it as a motion activated surveillance camera, voice recorder, digital camera, web camera. It is also a talking alarm clock with soothing natural sounds and thermometer display. No need to press any key, simply using it as regular desk alarm clock in your home, office and on-the-go activities, it can record surveillance video instantly with the built-in HD motion sensor or snap high resolution photos anywhere you go. It has a cycle of recording function, when SD card memory is full, the camera will overwrite the earliest recorded video with the newest recorded video automatically and have continuous recording. Never worry about out of memory when you are away from home. It supports up to 32GB SD card memory. It uses high capacity rechargeable battery that can last 12 hours for continuous recording or 24 hours for motion activation recording. The included AC charger makes it much more convenient for battery charging. It is a great surveillance gadget for your home or office security.

Product Features

  • HD Motion detection camera records video instantly, with 4GB SD memory card included
  • Video/Audio recording with motion activation or without motion activation, cycle of recording function, never worry about out of memory
  • Voice recorder, Taking digital photo, Use as web camera, with calendar and thermometer display
  • Music, playing six selective soothing natural sounds for relaxation
  • Talking alarm clock with six selective alarm ring sounds

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