Afunta Android Tablet Gadgets Bend angle Micro / Mini USB OTG Cables, Standard HDMI Female to Micro / Mini HDMI Male Adapter (2Bend OTG & 2HDMI)

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Afunta Android Tablet Gadgets Bend angle Micro / Mini USB OTG Cables, Standard HDMI Female to Micro / Mini HDMI Male Adapter (2Bend OTG & 2HDMI)

Please Note:
1. The HDMI adapters are not MHL(Mobile High-Definition Link) cables. They are only connect adapters. If you want to connect a Galaxy S4 to HDMI TV , please buy a MHL cable.
2. Before use Usb OTG Cable, please make sure your device have USB OTG function.

1)Can be used for tablets cellphone and so on.Plug & play,very easy to use.
2)Allows to use standard USB devices with mini 5-pin oriented electronics.
3)Use your current standard long cables, no need to purchase expensive specialty cables.
4)4-Pack of the most commonly needed adapters for Android Tablets and devices.
5)Handy to connect all your devices and your guests’ devices.
6)Designed and tested for Android device compatibility with OTG USB and Micro-HDMI connections.

Packaged Included:
1 X Standard HDMI Female to Micro HDMI Male Adapter
1 X Standard HDMI Female to Mini HDMI Male Adapter
1 X Bend Standard USB Female to Micro USB OTG
1 X Bend Standard USB Female to Mini USB OTG

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Pictorico says:

Consider the application This item works out of the box, however, you must consider the application in which it is going to be used. I purchased this item to use with my Motorola Xoom and connect to the HDMI port of my HD TV, it worked perfectly. However after a couple of uses it broke under the weight of the HDMI cable and kind of loosened the mini-HDMI port on my Xoom. So if your going to use it in a light application or a static setup, it should be fine. For movement (games) and a large HDMI cable don’t do it. The solution I found was a swivel adapter available at Radio Shack for ten bucks. The swivel allows the heavier cable to sit at an angle and not put strain on the plug at the contact point. Hope this helps. Going for the cheaper can turn out to be more expensive.

mikej71 says:

cheap cheap cheap Well I purchased this on July 30th. I received it on august 5th. Last night when I went to unplug it from my tablet it came apart in two pieces. So it lasted a total of a week. I have contacted the seller to see if they stand behind their product. Also too a picture of it to send them as well. Buy a full cable if you need HDMI to HDMI micro connections.Mike

besttigger says:

Only worked once I plugged this in and used it with my tablet to display on HDTV and it worked the 1st time, although it cut out briefly and I had to re-plug it. That was the only time it worked. I could never get it to work again. Bought another, better one from Radio Shack and it works reliably. I guess you can’t expect a lot for a buck.

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