Apollo Precision Tools DT1719 Flashlight Mr. 7 Hands Screwdriver

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Apollo Precision Tools DT1719 Flashlight Mr. 7 Hands Screwdriver

Apollo Tools Flashlight Mr. 7 Hands-Red

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JuDaSMaStEr says:

Amazing multitool, one minor flaw. This multi screw driver is just amazing, I purchased an earlier version of it which only had the light at the front (the “pointy” side) and the on/off switch was activated by the plastic belt holder.. needless to say that it will go on and off every 5 minutes, this design flaw has been corrected on this model which has the on/off switch as a side button instead.Still qute nice though… so nice that they stole it from my luggage at the airport…So I bought this one which has the second torch on the back which is more powerful if needed, and still keeps the small one at the forward to direct light to whatever you are doing… i find this multi screw driver extremely handy because each one of the drivers is long and thin and can reach pretty much everywhere, different to the “other” screw drivers where you have to interchange bits making a “bulky” head which greatly limits the reach for the screwdriver.The only flaw I found on the earlier version and this one, yet to be corrected in future versions, is that the belt holder clip is made of plastic and it will break for sure in your first couple of weeks of use. Not really a problem if you have a holster or a tool box, but the guys from Apollo should redesign it and make this belt clip out of metal instead in future versions… and they will have the perfect multi screw driver.If they do I will certainly purchase it again.

L00king4nswers says:

Compact and Handy I bought 2 of these. One is in the house, the other in the car. And it has come in handy many times. I have a toddler and all his toy battery compartments are screwed shut, so I’m constantly using this screwdriver. There’s a small flashlight in the front towards the screwdrivers so you can see what you’re doing in the dark. And another bigger flashlight on the opposite end for more light if needed. I love how simple it is to change the battery on this thing… it just flips right out. Great convenient design! 3 Phillips and 3 Flat-head screwdrivers, and 1 tiny screwdriver for your very small screws (like in watches and eyeglasses). The tiny one is a bit of a pain to use, but still nice to know I have it. I bought 2 more for my father and uncle. They love it!Update 6 months later:The large flashlight stopped working and the little hinge that secures the battery compartment broke off so the battery compartment never stayed closed. I hardly used it and it broke so quickly. I bought another one because I really like it, but disappointing the first one was so fragile.

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