This armor case and holster combo offers heavy duty protection for your phone. The case provides 3 layers of protection. The 1st layer is silicone rubber
gel that wraps around the device giving it the the shock absorption of a rubber case. The 2nd layer is made out of a strong durable plastic that has a built-in
kickstand. Not only do we include a free screen protector but the case also comes with a rotating belt clip holster. The interior of the holster is lined with
a micro fiber material to protect the screen of the phone when placed face in. This case is the ideal choice for those that need extra protection from drop
and other potential accidents. Protect your phone in style with our rugged armor case and kickstand combo.

Product Features

  • This Hybrid Heavy Duty Dual cas
  • Full protection! Protects your GALAXY S III 3 I9300 against any scratch, bump, and dirt
  • Made with high quality material, this case is not only durable and long lasting,
  • Enjoy handsfree viewing with kick stand
  • Smart design gives you total access to all functions and buttons without removing your GALAXY S III 3 I9300 from the case

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  1. Roy A. Leon

    junk I received this and it was defective,It has small RIP on the face side of the on/off button, so I contacted the sell and this is their response:Dear customer ,Because it was in lower price ,so I can’t promise it will work very well .If quality goods,will sell as a high price.Do u think so ?Hope u can kindly accept .Have any problem ,please contact with me at first.Thanks so much ,Best regardscoco liuSo I did and this is what happened:My responseNo problem,I’ll know better than to buy from you in the future.You get what you pay for,right.Their response.Dear customer,Thanks so much for ur kind understanding.You are so nice.Thanks so much !Best regardscoco liu

  2. RPW

    Did not get what was promised. lets see if seller will make good… Did not come with the free screen protector as stated in description.Did not come with a belt/clip holster(AS stated in TITLE).It also says, 3 layers of protection but only describes for heavy duty, time will tell.i bought this because there is no practical way of holding a galaxy sIII. the silicone/rubber gives good grip and it looks kinda cool, and only paid $2.97 with free shipping. i’d give it another star if seller sends the rest of product.the product was shipped June 11, didn’t receive it until July 1.. which is better than the ETA of July 28… shipped from Hong Kong, that’s why long delivery.Will not buy, from ANY seller, that delivery would take that long, again.also this is not the seller that i bought this from. i don’t know or understand how amazon does this but i click on my purchase order for this product and i get sent to a different seller. my seller was “TopEDepot “***ATTENTION AMAZON.COM***don’t you see a pattern here? everybody is complaining about false advertizing.these people are selling something they have no intentions of delivering. all they are selling is the hard case… they are not delivering on the belt/holster, which is in their title… they are not sending the free screen protectors, which is in their description… why are you allowing this…? there is nothing wrong with the hard case for $3 if they were to advertize it as such… but they are lying about product…***UPDATE***THESE ARE THE EMAILS that amazon sends back and forth from me(customer)to the seller(TopEDepot ):————- Begin message ————->>>>>>>> Did not come with the free screen protector as stated in description.>>>>>>>> Did not come with a belt clip holster AS stated in the TITLE!!!>>>> ————- Begin message ————->>>>>>>> Dear friend,>>>>>>>> We feel so sorry about it! The item is out of stock. Do you mind a>>>> partial>>>> refund? Thank you for your consideration.>>>>>>>> Best regards,>>>> Topedepot>>> — Original message —>>>>>> Topedepot>>>>>> if possible i wouldn’t mind waiting for the ‘2’ items, “screen>>> protector”>>> and “belt clip holster”, as a back order and have it delivered as soon>>> as>>> it>>> becomes availible…>>>>>>>>> Thank you>>> RPW>>> Dear friend,>>>>>> We feel so sorry about it.The item is truly out of stock. Do you mind a>>> partial refund? Thank you for your consideration.>>>>>> Best regards,>>> Topedepot>> — Original message —>>>> i understand you are out of stock… do you mean you are not restocking>> this>> item? why are you selling this item as a case/holster if you don’t have>> the>> holster? get holster off the title of this item…you are misleading your>> customers. yes, i’ll take whatever…>> thank you>> RPW>> Dear friend,>>>> We feel so sorry about it.The item is so hot that time and hard to>> predict>> .Or do you mind a partial refund for the holster?>>>>>> Best regards,>> Topedepot> — Original message —>> you still are not answering my question… are you EVER going to RESTOCK> this item(holster)?> thank you> RPW> Dear friend,>> We feel so sorry about it.We will not manufacture it . Sorry for making> you trouble. Thank you for your consideration.>> Best regards,> Topedepotyou know, i’ve been looking at all the reviews for this product and they allhave the same complaint, you are advertising this product as a HARD CASECOVER BELT CLIP HOLSTER yet you don’t have any intentions of producing aBELT CLIP HOLSTER… i want my BELT CLIP HOLSTER…thank youRPWhaven’t received a response since i sent this out on July 14, it’s now Aug 3.there is nothing wrong with the case for $3 so if you want a case this is good…

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