Go-Go Adventure! Go-Go Excitement! Go-Go Gadget!

Fasten your seat belts…and get ready for super-charged fun! Inspector Gadget and his four-wheeled partner, Gadgetmobile, are all revved up for high-speed adventure.

There s a new crime fighter protecting the streets of Metro City. The only trouble is…it s not Inspector Gadget! His name is Devon Debonair, and he s convinced everyone that he can outsmart anyone who stands in his way. But something s not quite right about this muscle-bound superhero; in fact, he seems to have a secret connection to Gadget s arch-nemesis, Dr. Claw. And it will take all the brains, charm and high-tech gizmos Inspector Gadget can come up with to stop him!

Special Features
Did You Know Fun Facts & Triviawith Inspector Gadget
Pencil Test Learn How Cartoons Are Made
Bloopers Hosted by Inspector Gadget

Product Features

  • Maurice LaMarche provides the voice for Inspector Gadget in this feature-length animated movie based on the original TV series. In Inspector Gadget’s Last Case: Claw’s Revenge, Gadget is still an extraordinarily lucky klutz, and Dr. Claw continues to pursue him. This time, Dr. Claw disguises himself as a superhero and attempts to take over the world, as well as destroy Gadget’s reputat

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