Atlantic Inc. 39004740 The Gadget Insert Organizer is a organizational solution that helps keep all gadget and accessories in one organized location. Eliminate time wasted searching for your phone, mp3 player and the plethora of other gadget accessories that so easily comprise a disorganized mess. The zipper closure secures paper documents and/or miscellaneous items. Four outer pockets provide easy storage and retrieval of various electronic gadgets and accessories. Because of its low-profile design GIO fits handsomely into a computer bag, briefcase and carry/messenger bag. In each GIO are included 3 additional zippered storage pouches as an additional storage bonus.

Product Features

  • Organization Solution
  • 4 Outer Pockets For Easy Storage & Retrieval Of Various Electronic Gadgets And Accessories
  • Designed To Fit Inside Computer Bag, Briefcase
  • Messenger/Carry Bag
  • 8 Storage Pockets
  • Designed to fit inside computer bag, briefcase, and carry/messenger bag
  • Organize Gadgets and A/V Accessories into one centralized location
  • Stores phone, mp3 player, flash drives, cables
  • Zippered pouch secures important documents and items