Windows 7 Professional, Dell 745 Optiplex Desktop Computer, Featuring Intel’s Powerful & Efficient 3.4GHz Pentium D Dual Core CPU Processor, 500GB Ultra Fast 7200 RPM SATA hard drive, CDRWRW/DVDRW SATA Ultra Speed Drive, 4GB DDR2 Dual Interlaced High Performance Memory, Providing Power for Today or Future Needs, Wireless Capable (Adapter Sold Separately)

This Ultra Fast and Powerful Later Model Dell 745 Optiplex Computer is a later generation Optiplex series. The Optiplex platform is designed for business and individuals that are focused on affordable pricing coupled with top-level performance. The Dell Optiplex 745 Desktop provides the perfect blend of relevant technology that users demand, all at a price that won’t bust the budget. This model also comes with Windows 7 Pro Restore Disk Included.

Product Features

  • Fast Intel 3.4 Pentium D Dual Core
  • 4GB DDR2 High Performance Super Fast Ram Memory
  • Gigantic 500GB SATA Hard Drive, Crystal Clear VGA Video
  • Great system for Office or Home! System will last for Years at a Fraction of the price of New
  • Windows 7 Professional Pre-Loaded! Restore Disk Included

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3 thoughts on “Windows 7 Professional, Dell 745 Optiplex Desktop Computer, Featuring Intel’s Powerful & Efficient 3.4GHz Pentium D Dual Core CPU Processor, 500GB Ultra Fast 7200 RPM SATA hard drive, CDRWRW/DVDRW SATA Ultra Speed Drive, 4GB DDR2 Dual Interlaced High Performance Memory, Providing Power for Today or Future Needs, Wireless Capable (Adapter Sold Separately)

  1. pianoman1

    Computer was great. Vendor not so much. Computer was exactly as advertised. A good solid device perfect for a home office. Plenty of hard drive storage, plenty of memory, boot up time is fast (about two minutes). Would hardly know it was a refurbished unit, everything looks new, I couldn’t be happier with it. However I have a couple of issues with the vendor CravingSavings. First shipping was slow, while the shipment did arrive within the delivery estimate, my experience with Amazon and its vendors has taught me to expect items to arrive sooner. It took this shipment a week to leave the New York City area, this could UPS’s fault but experience tells me it probably wasn’t. The second and more serious issue has to do with the operating system. The computer was advertised as having Windows 7 installed, which it was. However I discovered that what was installed was an unauthorized version of windows and I had to pay about $150 to get it activated. Had I known before ordering, I probably would not have made the purchase. Again, an excellent machine, but be forewarned it may be more expensive than it appears.

  2. Bridgette

    Wrong specs The computer I received was only 1.8ghz, much slower than the touted 3.4ghz. RAM and OS were as described. Did not receive Windows 7 recovery disk. Came with power cable and keyboard and laser mouse, so great there. The hard drive was 930gb instead of 750, which I guess is their attempt to make up for the wrong processor. Definitely would rather get less HD space and more processor power, 750 is already more than enough.The computer is pretty quiet except for this chugging noise I get. I have a niggling suspicion it’s a fan. The noise is pretty distracting.Computer looks brand new. Came packed in mountains of bubble wrap. Took 4 days for them to process it and five to get here. Kind of slow for 23 dollars standard. No bloatware was pre installed, which is nice.Have contacted craving savings about resolving the processor issue, hopefully they respond and send the correct computer. Will update review then.*******************LATE EDIT: After contacting cravingsavings, they assured me the processor was an Intel Core Duo to explain the low GHz (if this was an Intel Core Duo, it would be much faster than the 3.4GHz they’ve advertised) and I am assured it IS NOT.Straight from the computer’s dxdiag: Intel(R) Pentium (R) Dual CPU E2160 @ 1.80GHz (2 CPUs) ~ 1.8GHz. No Core Duo in sight. Despite that, I did not bother correcting them, as I don’t want to go through the hassle of sending this current one back in exchange. It has been a month and the computer continues to work at acceptable speed for me and my family. I have turned Windows Aero off, which hogs a lot of processing power.I recommend everyone here go look at their own dxdiag and see what processor they have. I have a feeling many people have been duped because they do not do this and don’t know any better.I’ve upped the review to 4 stars, because I’ve come to appreciate it. It’s small (and quiet as long as you’re not doing anything intensive, in which is chugs still, but I’ve gotten used to it.)JUST BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU’RE BUYING. IF YOU’RE COUNTING ON DUAL CORE 3.4GHz, AND INTENDING TO USE THIS COMPUTER FOR HEAVY DEMANDING TASKS, DO NOT BUY.Other things worth mentioning:DOES NOT COME WITH A DVD BURNER/WRITER. This was and still is a huge con for me to not be able to burn movies, and a downgrade from my last computer. I’m thinking about putting the old burner into this computer, but I do not know if it will fit. We’ll see.Headphone jack works.Had a lot of windows updates to install on the first boot–around 100 I think. Also make sure you download some Driver Update software (I use SlimDrivers) , which will automatically update all your drivers for you. In this case, many of my drivers needed an update. Once they’re updated you will notice a preformance boost.No issues concerning internet, just plugged in the ol’ ethernet cable and everything worked right away. NOTE, does NOT include WiFi card. The little plastic paper I got with this had a wifi logo on it, so maybe that’s why I assumed it was WiFi-capable. Recommend buying a WiFi USB adapter if you want wireless internet.The OS that came with this is x32, not x64. I believe you can however switch to x64 somehow, but I am not skilled in this area so I’ve left it as is. x64 would be more beneficial to anyone that wants to get full use of the 4GB ram.**Things you should do right away: Get some good anti-virus (I am running free Avira and Microsoft Security Essentials currently). Install Firefox or Chrome, and get CCleaner which will help speed it up a little. Also consider getting the K-Lite codec pack which will let you play any audio and video files and avoid errors in WMP. While you’re at it, VLC media player is much better than WMP.Computer comes with basic Wordpad. As a writer, I found this sufficient enough, but many would probably want to pick up the latest edition of Microsoft Word.***In the Windows Experience Index, the lowest subscore is 3.3 for gaming graphics. I’ve been looking into buying a new graphics card. The computer has 1 PCI slot and 1 PCIe slot, and a 275w PSU, and will most likely need a low-profile card. The Radeon HD 6570 and 6450 seem like good choices.All in all, it has its issues, but for 230 dollars it’s still a steal.

  3. Kevin Conner

    BUYER BEWARE! Do yourself a favor and read the reviews. Seems it is a bait and switch with the processors (you see this over and over in the reviews. Our experience with these guys was that they sent us 4 “refurbished” computers (we are a business) that were OLD and HAD DUST AND DISGUSTING STUFF all over the keyboards! The worst part though that the computers would just whine and chug and churn and not even do the simplest of tasks (we couldn’t even get them to install a Windows update!!). Then, returning the computers was NIGHTMARE. Seller would not reimburse for shipping. Horrible product, horrible service. Costed us $110 in OUR SHIPPING COST to get them back to the sellers, but I feel like it was some of the best money I’ve ever spent.

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