About Gorilla Gadgets

Since Gorilla Gadgets started designing and engineering in California in 2010, the Gorilla Gadgets brand has become synonymous with powerful performance. The core success factors are innovative strength, quality of products, and pace of innovation. Gorilla Gadgets is everyone’s go-to brand for powered gadgets that will become life companions. Gorilla Gadgets is best known for their state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries. The smartphone battery division of Gorilla Gadgets continues to be a pioneer and a market leader for extended-life batteries and battery accessories.

Gorilla Gadgets Jungle Beat Vibration Bluetooth Wireless Rechargeable Speakers:

This protective case for the Samsung Galaxy SIII is designed to fit organically with and perfectly compliment the Samsung Galaxy SIII Extended Life Battery from Gorilla Gadgets. Made from matte thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), this case will protect your phone from everyday wear, fingerprints, and tear. This case is custom made for a perfect fit and its smooth surface even provides a better grip. The open-face design allows full access to all buttons and front-facing camera; it also has cutouts for the phone’s camera and buttons.

Why the Gorilla?

Gorillas are intelligent primates who coexists with their surroundings in a natural way. The jungle is a complex and resource-rich environment, and the gorilla has mastered it by being in tune with his surroundings; responding to inputs with predictable outcomes appropriate for his lifestyle. His perception, strength, and social skills are key assets as he lives out his life. We sense a great energy surrounding a fully aware gorilla, and it inspires us to emulate that strength and enjoy all that life brings us.

Product Features

  • Sturdy & Flexible
  • Cases are designed to provide best performance with their ultra thin TPU matte finish
  • Prevents fingerprints, and smudging
  • Precise cutouts give full access to all ports
  • Perfect FIT with Samsung Galaxy SIII Extended Life Battery from Gorilla Gadgets

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