Nite Ize Hip Pock-Its Flashlight and Utility Holster, NHP-03-ML

Nite Ize Hip Pock-Its Flashlight and Utility Holster, NHP-03-ML

Product Features

  • NiteIze NMP 03 HD Hip Pock Its Multi Lingual Hardware pkg.
  • Built tough to handle heavy loads
  • Designed to hold and organize multiple large and small items
  • Features numerous interior pockets, stretch accessory loops, waist belt and more
  • Constructed of rugged, water resistant material

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3 thoughts on “Nite Ize Hip Pock-Its Flashlight and Utility Holster, NHP-03-ML

  1. Peter Meyer

    Perfect for work or around the house I have had 3 of these over the years and find them to be invaluable. The amount of storage is amazing and easy access to the pockets. As an aircraft mechanic, I am able to carry around 90% of the tools I need for repairs and inspections. Seldom do I have to go to my regular tool bag for anything except larger tools.The only drawback is the included belt. It works well and adds a number of loops and keychain holder. However, the belt buckle and adjustment leave the bag resting on your buttocks if you want the buckle in front. I have to adjust the belt buckle to the side to allow the bag to rest on my hip for easy access. If this is bothersome, I suggest using any other belt which will fit.The quality is excellent and the fact that the tools are covered by the flap make it great when the weather is bad. Never had a problem with water in the bag. The bags had to be replaced only after extreme use and normal wear and tear which tore some of the stitching.I would highly recommend for both the professional and the home user. Beats carrying around a whole tool box or searching in the tool drawer.

  2. Kevin Guthrie
    Kevin Guthrie says:

    Love this product. I used this for work in a food processing company where GMP is used. I keep my electrical test meter in it… great padding for protection of my test equipment.

  3. Tasselhoff

    Just what I was looking for. This large size tool pouch works great for my needs. I have had another one for over 3 years that held up very well.

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