Timex Mid-Size T5G971 Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch

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Timex Mid-Size T5G971 Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch

The Timex Personal Trainer HRM is an advanced athletic training device that lets you track the intensity of your training, continually meet fitness goals, and ultimately lose weight. The included proprietary Timex Personal Trainer heart rate monitor provides fitness management data in an intuitive, user-friendly watch, and the analog heart rate sensor can communicate with fitness equipment, meaning you can view your beats per minute (BPM) on a treadmill, stationary bike, or similar.


This Timex watch includes a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

About Timex
With a history that traces back to the 1850s, Timex Corporation is the nation’s leading watch manufacturer. The company is known for its wide-ranging line of affordably-priced watches, with styles and designs made for everywhere from the locker room to the board room.

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Gut Monkey "Mark" says:

Best Display and Very Repsonsive This is my fourth HRM and by far the best. The display is big and very readable even in dim light without using the indiglo. My last two HRMs were the older model Timex Ironman 100 lappers. They became very unreliable even with new batteries. I used to have to use electrode gel just to get them to work at all. This HRM gives me an accurate reading immediately and continues to do so as my heart rate changes during my workout. It works great even without electrode gel. It doesn’t have any fancy features but I don’t need them. It does record your time in the zone that you can set and you average and peak heart rates. It also has a recovery time feature that measures how many BPM your HR drops in one minute. The sensor belt will also work with the HR display most treadmills and other indoor machines. This HRM has already improved my training significantly because it is so accurate and responsive. I highly recommend it.

bubba703mom says:

The Timex T5G971 A Perfect Choice If you are looking for a heart monitor which is easy to use and very accurate this is the one for you. I am 53 y.o. in cardiac rehab. A similar Timex model was one of the HR monitors recommended by the rehab staff. However after much comparison shopping, this monitor had additional features including calorie counting, target heart rate beep which you activate if you want it on and indigo light. The strap is very light and comfortable. It is also extremely accurate and it comes with a user replacement battery. I just love it.

J. Polinkas "Mr. Jay" says:

Good Features at a Good Price I was looking for a heartrate monitor to track not only my aerobics workouts but also my weight training workouts. I wanted a wireless monitor with a large enough display so it was easy to read (yes, I’ve joined the reading glasses population). I needed to be able to replace the batteries myself, and it would be nice if it could tell time in case I wanted to use it as a watch.The Timex met all my needs and at a very good price. I was a bit concerned because I have a 54″ chest and a fairly large wrist. I was also concerned because the packaging is not specific about whether it has a coded signal so that it does not pick up other heartrate monitor signals. The chest strap fits me well but if my chest gets too much larger, it’s going to be a bit snug. The wrist band also fits but it’s in the last hole, and so far, I haven’t picked up anyone else’s monitor or bled over onto anyone else’s cardio machines.I’m very satisfied with this purchase.

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