Rechargeable USB Electronic Lighter Camping REAL Windproof No Gas Led light Torch

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Rechargeable USB Electronic Lighter Camping REAL Windproof No Gas Led light Torch


Package Content: (1 unit only)

* 1 x USB Rechargeable Cigarette Lighter

* 1 x USB Charge Cable

Product Features


Craig says:

Great little lighter! Worked out of the box with no obvious damage! my only wish is that it charged with a modern micro USB connector so i could use a cell phone charger, in the event I misplace my cable. The lighter has a sturdy metallic feel and doesn’t feel to light in weight…and to top it off you can light a Black&Mild cigar, anything lager in diameter would be to large. I would recommend to friends and family who are looking for something different! Makes a nice little conversation starter too! =) Just please don’t get it wet…as we all know water and electricity don’t play nice!Works well and looks good…cheaper then any lighter in the long run because you don’t need to purchase and fiddle with messy smelly fuel!

Albert J. Leonhardt says:

Works very well Unit works very well right out of the box.Great to have on windy days or if you are like me and work at a place that does no allow conventional cigarette lighters.(No Open Flame)Electronic lighters like this one are permitted in my work place.Recharges from a USB port in about 3 hours from full depletion.Full charge lasts for about 3 to 4 days with normal use.Works great!

Jim Willis says:

USB Electric Lighter While I like the product, the mechanism to reveal the element is a little difficult. The spring holding the slide switch is too hard. I also wish the element hole was a little bigger than the exact diameter of a cigarette.

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