Bandai Tamashii Nations Gundam Heavyarms Kai “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing” Robot Spirits Action Figure

Material: PVC / ABS made Size: Height approx 130mm The set includes: 2 types for each body / replacement for left and right wrist / 2 twin beam Gatling x 2 / Gatling beam suspension joint x 2 / Army knife shelling dedicated mobile suit “Gundam Heavy Arms Kai! ” From “Gundam W”, Gundam Heavy Arms Kai piloted in Troyes appeared to ROBOT soul!

Product Features

  • Accessory parts included
  • Interchangeable hands for different poses
  • Stands approximately 5 Inch tall

One thought on “Bandai Tamashii Nations Gundam Heavyarms Kai “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing” Robot Spirits Action Figure

  1. Anonymous

    I didn’t get this figure on Amazon, I bought it in-store. This is another good figure released in the Gundam Wing line. Articulation is almost like any Damashii figure.Pros:-Comes with 2 Double Gatling guns (similar the Endless Waltz movie)-The gatling guns can rotate (which really surprised me)-Army knife is actually pretty stiff, not plasticy like the old MSIA release-Very detailedCons:-not really a con, just a nitpick. If you really want the full set of Heavyarms, you need to buy the extra parts set for the Heavyarms and Sandrock which is a Tamashii webshop exclusive. The extra parts are: (Heavyarms) the single gatling gun, different skirt armor, and beam saber with mount on the left arm. I know this review is for the Heavyarms Kai, but since I mentioned Sandrock, I might as well tell what Sandrock’s parts are in the exclusive set XD. Extra parts for Sandrock, if you have the Sandrock Kai Damashii figure, are the: shoulders with no boosters, different heat shotels (idk why they’re a different size when they should be the same on both versions,) different thrusters on calves, and the back skirt armor that has no thruster. (You can see more pictures online, just search “Heavyarms and Sandrock Parts Set” to get what I’m saying.But enough of my little rant of such a little nitpick.Finally, I gotta say, the Robot Damashii (Spirits) line is doing really well on the Gundam Wing line. Get this if you’re a fan of the Heavyarms and Trowa Barton.

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